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It doesn’t matter if it’s fly rods, guitars, furniture, homes, duck decoys, or myriad other custom-built items, when it comes to crafting things with your own two hands, for those that make their living at it (or the experts that keep the fires of their passion burning in their free-time), there’s only one way to do it – as close to the old fashioned way as possible.

cedar canvas works of artFor some it’s the challenge. For some it’s honoring the process. In some instances there’s simply no better way available. But in every case, the quality, attention to detail, and unique characteristics that come with the finished product are the hallmark of the craftsmen that settle for nothing less than doing it right.

In Pat Smith’s case, as the owner of West Hollow Boat Company and maker of custom cedar-canvas and lapstrake canoes, the old-fashioned way is the only way as far as he’s concerned.

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Pat Smith

Photo credit: Grant Taylor
This story first appeared in POST Magazine.

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  • Twenty years ago I was rebuilding my 1934 Old Town HW. I heard about Pat and West Hollow Boat Company somewhere, and gave him a call. He quietly and patiently filled in the gaps in my knowledge, helped me find materials and offered his advice. A really good guy and fine boat builder.

    Nice profile, Matt.

    • fishingpoet says:

      That’s fantastic! I was so impressed with his craftsmanship. His shop alone is worth the drive to just hang out in for a while. Thanks for the shout!

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