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By the time you read this I’ll be on a plane that’ll deliver me from my northern Point A to a southern connection that’ll then deliver me to an even more southern Point B. Deep south. Keys-deep. Islamorada. I’ll have enough fly fishing gear for four people and not nearly enough to prepare me for the ass-whuppin’ I’m sure to receive from the bonefish, peacock bass, (hopefully) permit, ‘cuda, and tarpon we’re sure to cross paths with. I’ll be debating whether or not I should ask the flight attendant for a beer. I’ll be staring out the window listening to a stellar playlist, mouthing words, avoiding the no-one’s-that-effing-happy-this-early-in-the-damn-morning conversation with whoever happened to draw the lottery ticket for the seat next to me, and trying to reconcile a couple different minds lingering like tropical evenings and campfire smoke in my head. I’ll wind up realizing that I left something like my phone charger on the passenger seat of the truck and ordering that beer somewhere over the Carolinas.

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  • Brian Koz says:

    enjoy your Ass whoopin’

    • fishingpoet says:

      @Brian – turns out that the weather put more of an ass-whuppin’ on me than the fish!

      @Fishbaydoc – that’s about right…just take your medicine, son.

      @Steve – Weren’t you just with Mr. Sepelak in the Smokies?? I think you’re pretty deliberate (although, you do need to get to the Keys!) 🙂

      @Eric – Thanks! Had an exhausting but fantastic time.

      @Mark – It is a special place. I would’ve loved to have seen it in the Hey Day. Thanks for the shout!

  • Fishbaydoc says:

    Go on, and get it over with…

  • Steve Z says:


    I’ve gotta get more deliberate!

  • Eric says:

    A great start – have fun with the rest of your trip.

  • Mark Coleman says:

    There are worse places to be than Islamorada this time of year. I gotta admit I’m just the slightest bit jealous. I spent two summers in college down there and while most of the great old places have closed (Manny & Isa’s) or been bulldozed (Papa Joe’s) it’s still a treat to get there. Enjoy..

  • Pete says:

    Can’t wait for the photos and the stories from this one Brother.

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