10, 9 and 7 years ago. Swaddled and warm in their loving mother’s arms, just hours after their respective births. Brand new in this great big world. Awash in soft, far-away dreams as their dad cradled and paced and crooned stories of the great adventures they’d have someday. There’s no way they could’ve known what life had in store.

But now. Now they know.
Poor kids never stood a chance.

[vimeo width=”550″ height=”400″][/vimeo]

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  • Eric Reed says:

    Epic. Thats how they will remember their childhood. Nice work Dads…..

    • fishingpoet says:

      Thanks, Eric. I’m counting on them recounting “remember when” stories when I’m a grand-dad. I’m not rushing to get there, mind you…

  • luved those rods bucking, kids leaning into it for all they’re worth. That was a good day. mike

  • Derrol Hammer says:

    “Remember when Dad made us go fishing on Easter!” will be repeated many times. Excellent adventure guys.

  • Katelin Ryan says:

    I love this so much! Awesome vid, Matt!

    • fishingpoet says:

      The kids and I thank you, KR.
      They asked when their allowance is going up.
      I told them they’re allowed outside as much as they want.

  • AZWanderings says:

    That is by far the best and most compelling video I have ever seen in a long time. Almost makes me want to have kids. Seriously Matt, sick video and someday those kids are going to thank you…or curse you for passing on your addiction.


    • fishingpoet says:

      Inspiring someone to have kids…that would be a first for me. Seriously though, the more time we spend together, the more fun we have–and the better the stories get. This is why fishingpoet exists, my friend. Thanks for the kind words, Ben.

  • deanwo says:

    Awesome, Matt! I’ve never found fish that size. You and your kids are truly blessed. Excellent video and congrats on opening day success-especially with kids in tow-they must have had a blast.

    • fishingpoet says:

      Thanks, Dean. I am a lucky dad. And near as I can tell, they’re up for it whether I’m ready or not.

  • Pete says:

    Great song. Great video.

    Take a nice sized fish and put it in the hands of a kid. It makes the fish look 20 times bigger in the photo/on video. But it can’t compare to the size of the smile on the kids face.

    I’m not the fatherly type. But you gotta pass the outdoors love onto friends, family and the next generation. Glad to see it happening.

    • fishingpoet says:

      Yea, it takes me back to those moments when I’d catch a nice bass as a kid. Praying the whole fight that it wouldn’t come off. Lifting it from the water and being in complete, smiling awe.
      Thanks for stopping by, Pete. Good to hear from you.

  • JR Kraus says:

    Love it. The music, the rain, the kids going after it. Looks like it was a blast!

  • Sanders says:

    Such an awesome video…having fun is what it’s all about. Thanks for the reminder. well done sir!

    • fishingpoet says:

      Thanks, Sanders! I’ll take as many reminders as I can get if they’re like that. Good to hear from you.

  • brett wood says:

    awsome vid- liked the beats and the fish!

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