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Back in late-April of last year, Grant Taylor, Dean Milliman and I got together to do an advertising/awareness campaign for a local (Upstate NY) Trout Unlimited chapter. In addition to a poster series and some stream-side signs, we had designs on trying to shoot a short video as well. This would be Grant’s first foray into shooting video in addition to the stills he specializes in. And as it turned out, this would also be the first foray for Grant and I into the world of full-time freelance employment — having both just started out on our own.


While the footage we captured made it look like fair weather (the posters tell the real story), Spring rains kept our inland (and trib) water pretty well blown-out and brown. Fishing (and shooting) was tough early in the season, making time to get out was tough as the season rolled on, and the fish we did catch were immortalized in stills. Needless to say we didn’t really get to finish shooting video of everything we wanted in time for the campaign launch. So it goes.

In the end, it may just be a collection of test shots, trial-and-error, and a few friends heading for water to fly fish, but by my estimation, it still manages to tell a pretty good story.

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