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It’s back. Hot damn it’s back. Two steps out the door at lunch and it hit me like a ton of bricks. We’ve turned the corner. The nose knows and there’s no arguing with the nose. It’s Spring, kids. Smell that dirt-n-worms on the breeze? Two or three full lungs of the stuff and I tell my seasonal affective disorder to piss-off. Bring on the mud and melanin and wandering overblown streams in soggy, grinning elation for fish like swimming middle-fingers. I could care less if we hit zero-degree-fahrenheit next week. I could care less if we catch another save-the-women-and-children-this-one-will-be-a-doozie storm. Right now the snow is hollerin’ uncle to low-50’s, retreating from the sidewalks and the haggard-and-hopeful grass is starting to find its backbone. We’ve turned the corner and that fat Phil in Punxsutawney said it’s coming early. Shake hands. This won’t be a clean fight. Let’s get it on.


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  • I think Phil would be better served as fly tying material!

  • Mark says:

    As I’m typing this, its a fantastic 72 degrees down here. Not a moment too soon either. I’ve even seen a few mayflies in the air.

  • Eric Davis says:


    We had our Spring in January out here in Oregon and for the High Desert that means a long, cold, wet March and April (usually).
    Fortunately, I have a solution. A new camper built for the desert roads that will take us far from from the snow and into the trouty waters of eastern Oregon. Hope to be getting out soon!

    Thanks for stopping by hookedupfilms.com too.
    Home Skillet

    • Fishingpoet says:

      Hey Eric!
      Yea, last April when I was in Bend we ran into snow and cold, and then rain and cold, and then beautiful sun that let us fish in t-shirts. You’ll have to check out the series of posts I wrote about it…they start with THURSDAY and follow from there. There’s even a video of the trip I shot with my Droid 🙂

      Let me know if you’re ever up in upstate NY…we can get you on some great water out here too!

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