• Lori says:

    A masterpiece !:) Them there are some excellent fishermen ,and those were very respectable fish ! loved the tune, very “catchy”..caio

  • That’s a great video. I loved the part when your son was shaking his fist in excitement. I’ve always wanted to fish the golf course ponds around Rochester but never figured out a way to do it without being chased out. A friend of mine years and years ago use to sneak into the one up on Ridge Rd but I never was along for those early morning sneak attacks.

    • Fishingpoet says:

      We’re pretty fortunate…Parkview Fairways is my wife’s parent’s place. Hunting and fishing all in one well groomed parcel of land 🙂 The main pond used to have rainbows, browns and some crazy brookies (I got one that went 17″). Thanks for the comment!

  • Wow, that is pretty fortunate! Too bad the pond doesn’t have the trout anymore. I’m always looking for a place to fish still water trout. It reminds me of lakes I fished in the Rocky Mountains. I just don’t know of many places locally.

    • Fishingpoet says:

      I’m hoping to re-establish a population of all three. They had stocked them back in ’96/’97 when they had first plowed the farm fields under for fairways. Need to chat with the local Seth Green Chapter of TU 🙂 Nothing better than tying into a 26″+ rainbow that’s leaping all over with golfers trying to tee off on the other side of the water!

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